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UK Average fixed line broadband speed is 18.7Mb

According to the latest research by Ofcom, the average UK residential fixed broadband speed reached 18.7Mb in May 2014.

Fixed line broadband connections had speed tests taken which included those on standard fixed copper broadband and also those connected with fibre optic cable. Overall the average of all the fixed line connections was 18.7Mb. When it came to those on superfast broadband connections which were classed as broadband connections with headline speeds of 30Mb or above, the average speed of these was 47Mb.
When it came to broadband that was in deals that advertised broadband speeds of above “up to” 10Mb but below “up to” 30Mb the actual average broadband speed for these connections was 9Mb, this will mainly be for standard ADSL connections and ADSL2+.
For those in the broadband slower lane, those on deals that were advertised as above “up to” 2Mb and “up to” and including 10Mb was an average speed of 3.3Mb.

Overall, for those on standard ADSL connections saw the average broadband speed achieved to be 7.4Mb which is up 10% from the 6 months from November 2013 and is possibly related to infrastructure upgrades as part of the fibre optic broadband roll out.

Take up of fibre optic superfast broadband with connections of 30Mb and above stands at 28% of UK households which is a 4% rise from November 2013.

Virgin Media will be pleased with some of the findings too as the report also stated that they found cable connections on average were at 43.3Mb which is faster than the fibre optic connections offered by BT that had an average speed of 42Mb.

In the UK the main fibre optic connections that UK households can receive is via BT Openreach’s Fibre To The Cabinet connections which uses fibre optic cable from the exchange to the streetside cabinet and then the existing copper network to take the connection the rest of the way to the customer’s premises. The difference is that Virgin Media’s cable network has a fibre optic cable go all the way to the actual customer’s premises.

The full Ofcom report can be viewed at