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The moon gets 20Mb broadband speeds

The moon is able to get faster broadband speeds than much of the UK after NASA and MIT carried out some work and achieved broadband speeds of nearly 20Mb on the moon.

The moon is 384,633km away from Earth but the Nasa 7 MIT team managed to transmit data across this huge distance at a rate of 19.44Mb and then upload at an astonishing 622Mb which is 4,800 times faster than the previous record.

The connection is done by using a laser powered communications uploading through RF signals (Radio Frequency). The problem that there is with transmitting over this great distance is that turbulance can bend light which can then lead to fading and drop outs of the signal.

The fact that the moon can get broadband speeds of 19.44Mb won’t be any consolation to those who are in the broadband slow lane in the UK. According to Ofcom, the average UK broadband speed is 17.8Mb with the average broadband speed in rural areas is just 11.3Mb. Howevere there will be plenty of households who don’t get anywhere near to those broadband speed test results.