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Webmasters: Want your own free broadband speed test for your site?

If you have a website and would like to offer visitors to your site the ability to check their broadband speed from your website then we can help.

We have made available our broadband speed test for webmasters to integrate in to their own website.

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Rightmove list average broadband speeds for all properties

Rightmove, the property website is now listing the average broadband speeds that can be expected at all the properties that it lists.

There are more than 1 million homes listed on and the importance of broadband speeds to buyers is very clear, with research done with over 3,000 Rightmove users showing that broadband details were ranked as more important for a property than the local transport links and what the schools nearby were.

Bernard Phillips from Rightmove, said:
We’re always considering new developments to our website and mobile platforms, to make sure we provide Rightmove users with the best property search experience and because we understand the benefits these have for our customers.  The trial exceeded our expectations so it’s become a permanent addition that further enhances our listings.  We already offer a number of tools to help consumers make informed decisions about a property including local schools and transport links, and we’re pleased to be the first to add data on broadband, something that has become ingrained in people’s lives and an important factor when choosing a home.

On each property listing you just need to click on the “Check Broadband Speed” link to find what the average internet speed for that post code is. The speed will be displayed and explain what type of things you will be able to do on a broadband connection of that speed, for example if you will be able to have multiple people using the internet at the same time or if you can stream HD videos etc.