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Average UK broadband speed reaches 17.8Mb

The average UK Broradband speed now stands at 17.8Mb according to Ofcoms latest speed test study with a quarter of households now having a superfast broadband connection.

The UK-fixed line residential broadband connections that Ofcom look in to found that their results for November 2013 was that the average UK broadband speed was 17.8Mb which was an increase of 3.1Mb in the 6 months from May 2013 and took into account the whole spectrum of different UK broadband connections such as the Up To 2mb, and the superfast above 30Mb connections.

Ofcom Broadband Speeds November 2013The data also showed that superfast broadband (which is broadband with headline speeds of 30Mb or higher) had an average of 47Mb which is a small rise of 1.7Mb since May 2013. Over a longer term since May 2010 which was a 3.5 year gap the rise was 47% (15.1Mb) that the superfast broadband speed average had increased, much of this will be down to BT investing heavily in their fibre optic network and also the competition between Virgin Media & BT with increasing their headline speeds so they can offer the fastest broadband available.

In terms of broadband providers, Virgin Media topped the fastest broadband on their “up to” 120Mb package which uses cable technology and achieved the fastest download speeds over a 24 hour period of 114.9Mb. Next up were companies using BT Openreach’s network (BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Sky and EE) who registered an average download speed of 64.8Mb on their “up to” 76Mb service.

Take up of superfast broadband is continuing to increase too, with a quarter (25%) now having a superfast broadband connection with a headline speed of “up to” 30Mb or above and is a steady rise from the 19% that was reported 6 months earlier in May 2013. In the 3 years from November 2010 this has increased massively from the just 1% that had these advertised headline speeds back then.

This is the tenth broadband speed test report that Ofcom have done ( for UK fixed line broadband speeds and it utilised 735 million tests results recorded from 2,391 homes during November 2013.