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13 million households receiving slower broadband than they pay for

Slow broadband speeds are a problem for 13 million households in the UK according to a recent report from consumer group Which?.

The report found that 45% of people suffered from slow broadband speeds with well over half (58%) saying that this was a frequent problem for them. Which? had interviewed 2012 British adults for their study from a range of demographics.

To compound the slow broadband issue suffered by many, the report also found that poor customer service was also a problem with over a quarter (27%) of those who reported a broadband speed problem having to wait 2 days to get it resolved and 11% had no internet for a week or more.

Which? has started a campaign called “Give us Broadband Speed Guaranteed” which is calling for customers to receive the broadband speed that they pay for from their ISPs. What they want is for broadband providers to give customers accurate broadband speeds for their premises and not just estimates for the area as is currently done under an Ofcom introduced voluntary code of practice.
Under Ofcoms voluntary code of practice that all the major ISPs are signed up is also the option for customers to leave their broadband contract early if they regularly consistently receive a slower broadband speed than they were told they should receive when signing up for their broadband contract.

If you want to test if the speed you are getting is what you are paying for then all you need to do is run a speed test like we have available on this site, this should then tell show you what sort of download and upload speeds you are receiving.

The Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said:
The internet is an essential part of modern life, yet millions of us are getting frustratingly slow speeds and having to wait days to get reconnected when things go wrong.

It’s less superfast broadband, more super slow service from companies who are expecting people to pay for speeds they may never get.